BonaparteUSA emphasizes innovation, durability, sustainability and affordability to create a superior tiny home.


Our emphasis on innovation, durability, sustainability and affordability are driving our disruption in the housing and RV markets.

Equally important is our dedication to worldwide sourcing. This is the constant search for the right materials and production methods that apply to all of Bonaparte’s products. We use worldwide component assembly to take advantage of skilled workforces for various tasks that go into unit construction. This includes a vigorous worldwide quality assurance and inspection program and it means final production and testing in the United States.




All of our units are constructed with the aim of providing long term durability. Even Bonaparte recreational vehicles are designed and constructed to last for decades. Bonaparte emphasizes using a core structure of either structural insulated panel (SIPS), structural and light gauge steel, or shipping containers. All these have outstanding longevity.




Bonaparte recognizes that resources are limited, both the environmental resources of the world, as well as the financial resources of its customers.  Thus Bonaparte is always emphasizing sustainability as a core principle. The durability in Bonaparte’s products is both environmentally and economically sustainable. The high energy efficiency of SIP wall construction is environmentally sustainable, as are options such as solar heat and power. The use (where appropriate) of repurposed shipping containers is a means of recycling a major amount of resources. Additionally, Bonaparte is always searching for more sustainable resources on a global sourcing level. An example is bamboo flooring, wall finishes, and furniture. Another is ultra efficient internationally manufactured mini split heating and cooling units. Bonaparte always looks to the long term.




Bonaparte was founded on the principle that innovation is the key to being able to create durable, affordable, functional, and attractive products. Each product line has benefited from some core Bonaparte innovation features.  Our innovation improves upon best practices observed within the related industries.




All Bonaparte units are designed and constructed with an emphasis on being an affordable and high value product for the particular market shared.  This is equally true for its recreational vehicles as well as its single family dwellings. All of Bonaparte’s products recognize that for most Americans, cost is important.